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Size matters: Microschools and education pluralism

Just what is a microschool? The Christian Science Monitor takes a thorough and balanced look at the growing movement. Ask a dozen microschool leaders to describe their schools, and you’ll likely receive a dozen slightly different responses: Montessori-inspired, nature-focused, project-based, faith-oriented, child-led, or some combination of other attributes. They may exist[Read More…]

revisitED: Sex, drugs and school choice

Editor’s note: This month, redefinED is revisiting the best examples of our Voucher Left series, which focuses on the center-left roots of school choice. Today’s post explores one of the world’s most robust systems of government-funded private school choice in a country known as a progressive’s paradise: the Netherlands. By[Read More…]

School choice restores parental responsibility

The American school system was, from its inception, a product of intolerance for human difference. Grounded in 19th Century religious and cultural prejudice, it was artfully designed to assure no government resource would end up supporting the teaching of religious or cultural notions that were uncongenial to the Protestant majority.[Read More…]