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West Virginia, businesses investing in innovative education options

With rising inflation and a stock market on the rocks, any big investment is worth watching. And with researchers reporting poor returns on student achievement in assigned schools during the pandemic, this makes any investment in education even more notable. So with venture capitalists betting big on Prenda last week,[Read More…]

podcastED: reimaginED executive editor Matt Ladner interviews Janelle Wood of Black Mothers Forum

On this episode, Ladner speaks with the founder of a Phoenix-based organization dedicated to erasing systemic inequities and ending the “school-to-prison” pipeline for Black children. In partnership with the Arizona-based microschool organization Prenda, Black Mothers Forum facilitates seven microschools, each serving 10 students or less in the Phoenix area. The[Read More…]

Microschooling’s growth in Arizona is no surprise

Editor’s note: This post from Mike McShane, director of national research at EdChoice and a reimaginED guest blogger, appeared Thursday on forbes.com. The Roman philosopher Seneca is quoted as saying that “luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” When the coronavirus hit Arizona and parents were looking for options[Read More…]

Four New Hampshire school districts receive learning pod grants

Editor’s note: To learn more about education choice in New Hampshire, check out SUFS president Doug Tuthill’s podcast with New Hampshire state Rep. Glenn Cordelli here. Signaling its continued support for education choice and parental empowerment, the New Hampshire Department of Education has announced that four districts – Bow, Dubarton,[Read More…]

revisitED: SUFS president Doug Tuthill follows up with Prenda CEO Kelly Smith

On this episode, Tuthill catches up with the founder and CEO of Arizona-based Prenda, an organization on the front lines of the micro-school tsunami that has soared during the global pandemic. Smith describes how these home-learning environments, catering to fewer than a dozen similarly aged students, are gaining traction among[Read More…]

“Pod Up the Guest House!” sings music producer DJ Khaled

DJ Khaled, who has produced 18 Top 40 hits and eight Top 10 albums, earned a feature in the Dec. 2 issue of People magazine for starting a pandemic pod for his 4-year-old son and his son’s classmates. “In March, when Asahd’s preschool sent everybody home, I was doing the[Read More…]

The empire strikes out

What is thy bidding my master? I have felt it. It will be very difficult to conceal, but if we would agree to reopen the large schools … Yes, my master… What about the organizations that are providing devices and public funding for instructors? The ones addressing the equity issues[Read More…]

COVID-19 spurs education alternatives, creativity

Editor’s note: This commentary from Bruno V. Manno, senior adviser for K-12 Education at the Walton Family Foundation, explores the myriad ways the global pandemic is birthing impressive innovations and alternatives so learning can continue. The COVID-19 calamity is motivating families to seek alternatives to their child’s current school and[Read More…]