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Why one school made the trip from South Florida to rally for school choice

Before she started fifth grade, Stephanie Gaitan said she had trouble focusing in school. Then her family discovered a a new option was available. With the help of a Florida tax credit scholarship, she enrolled at Champagnat Catholic School in Hialeah. “My grades got better, and so did my behavior,” said Gaitan,[Read More…]

About 10,000 school choice supporters rally in Tallahassee

Thousands of parents, children, educators and activists rallied near Florida’s State Capitol Building this morning. Their message: Support the nation’s largest private school choice program, which helps more than 78,000 low-income students afford private school tuition, and end the lawsuit challenging its constitutionality. Martin Luther King, III addressed a throng of more[Read More…]

Live updates: Thousands rally for school choice in Florida’s capital

Thousands of parents, students, educators and activists are expected to rally for school choice today in Florida’s capital. They plan to support the state’s tax credit scholarships, which help some 78,000 low-income students attend K-12 private schools, and denounce the lawsuit challenging the program. According to multiple media reports, state[Read More…]

MLK Day reading for the school choice movement

National education advocates and some of Florida’s leading clergy have reflected on the words and legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr., and what they mean for school choice movement. Their words offer a backdrop as thousands of parents, students, educators and activists prepare to rally in Tallahassee on Tuesday. In the Tampa Tribune, Rev. Manuel[Read More…]