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redefinED roundup: private school testing in Fla., ESA’s in Miss., virtual school in Maine & more

Alaska: Not all Republicans agree on changing the constitution to allow private school vouchers for students to attend religious schools (Anchorage Daily News, Education Week). Could private schools discriminate based on religious beliefs if they accept public funds (Anchorage Daily News)? The editorial board of the Anchorage Daily News argues[Read More…]

redefinED roundup: D.C. vouchers, Bill de Blasio, black voters and more

Arkansas: Gubernatorial candidates discuss education and school choice (Arkansas News Bureau, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette). D.C.: Harmony Public Schools runs 40 charter schools in Texas and hopes to expand into the district (Washington Post). Critics contend gentrification, not education reform, is driving D.C’s NAEP score gains but researcher Mathew Ladner says gentrification is[Read More…]

redefinED roundup: reformers win in Colorado, school choice and NAEP gains & more

Arizona: A school board member in Gilbert proposes a district-wide voucher program (East Valley Tribune). California: Charter schools now enroll 8.4 percent of the state’s student population (Ed Source). Colorado: Big bucks back education reformers in school board races (Denver Post, Daily Sentinel, Politico). Education reformers in Douglas County and Denver[Read More…]

redefinED roundup: DOJ anti school choice suit stumbles, charters threatened in PA and more

Arizona: The Friedman Foundation profiles the parents utilizing the new Education Scholarship Account (ESA) program (Center for Education Reform). What is the difference between a district school and a charter school? A school district official explains (Daily Courier). Colorado: Amendment 66 will increase taxes and add $950 million in funding to[Read More…]

redefinED roundup: charter schools in Washington, vouchers in Wisconsin, Uncommon Schools & more

National. Uncommon Schools wins the 2013 Broad Prize for outstanding charter school network (Education Week). U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan praises charter schools for recent improvements but criticizes some for excluding high rates of students through disciplinary actions (Education Week). Tax credit scholarship programs are boosting Jewish day schools and yeshivas[Read More…]

redefinED roundup: vouchers in Indiana, home-schooling in Texas, anti-Muslim sentiment in Tennessee & more

Indiana: The state supreme court rules vouchers constitutional (Indianapolis Star). The decision could set a precedent for other states with Blaine amendments (ABC News). More coverage from StateImpact Indiana, Fort Wayne Journal Gazette, Associated Press, Christian Science Monitor, Huffington Post. In the ruling’s aftermath, the Senate Education Committee approves a[Read More…]