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redefinED roundup: School choice in Tennessee, Catholic schools closing in New York & more

California: The award-winning American Indian Model charter schools face closure after failing to fix problems with financial oversight that resulted in $3.8 million of questionable expenses (The Oakland Tribune). Wisconsin: Three former state House speakers push for a voucher expansion (Associated Press). School choice options continue to grow with proponents pointing[Read More…]

redefinED roundup: Tony Bennett in Florida, voucher parents in Louisiana, charters in Washington & more

Florida: Tony Bennett is selected the state’s new education commissioner (redefinED). He tells reporters afterwards that he champions school choice first and foremost because of the social justice component (redefinED). A new group headed by T. Willard Fair,  co-founder of the state’s first charter school, aims to create a pipeline[Read More…]

redefinED roundup: school choice and the courts, voucher growth in Indiana & more

Oklahoma: The state supreme court tosses out a lawsuit challenging a voucher program for special needs students, saying the two school districts that filed suit did not have standing (The Oklahoman). Indiana: The state supreme court hears arguments over the constitutionality of the state’s fledgling voucher program (Indianapolis Star). Enrollment[Read More…]

Michigan measures are aimed at school choice

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder and lawmakers have formally introduced several initiatives aimed at providing more educational options to families. In addition to mandating cross-district enrollment at any school with open seats, Snyder would remove the cap on the number of charter schools and introduce a parent trigger similar to California’s.[Read More…]

When school choice confronts gated districts

by Doug Tuthill and Adam Emerson Since the late 1800s, we have defined public education as being synonymous with school districts, but given the increasingly diverse delivery models that now comprise public education this traditional definition is no longer appropriate. We best define public education today as publicly funded learning options that[Read More…]