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This rural charter school gets results

APALACHICOLA, Fla. – Belinda Cassidy came to the Apalachicola Bay Charter School hoping to be hired as a teacher assistant. After walking the halls and seeing some of the classrooms for its younger students, she realized she was interested in more than a job. She saw children spread out across classrooms,[Read More…]

Can education reform work in rural America?

Rural school districts are more likely to be disadvantaged by one-size-fits-all  mandates from state legislatures and the Federal government. Yet rural districts, where resources are already spread thin and school are often important employers, are also more likely to be skeptical of school choice programs. A new policy brief by Dan Fishman in Education[Read More…]

Rural charter school principal aims to create a model for STEM education

The origins of the approach that’s driving one of Florida’s newest and most highly rated rural charter schools can be found 55 miles to the West, in Tallahassee. At Godby High School in Leon County, Demetrius Rice helped transform a dusty wood shop into cutting edge classroom-slash-robotics lab, where he led[Read More…]