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podcastED: South Florida mom shares how Hope Scholarship offered haven to bullied daughter

‘ Editor’s note: Cherie Sanders asked that her daughter’s image and name be omitted from this story to protect the girl’s privacy. On this episode, reimaginED Senior Writer Lisa Buie talks with Cherie Sanders, mother of a thriving eighth grader at a faith-based school in the Fort Lauderdale area. Sanders’[Read More…]

Marquavis Wilson: ‘I don’t have to fight anymore.’

Among those who traveled to the state Capitol Wednesday to speak in favor of legislation that will simplify Florida’s education choice programs by merging five scholarships into two and add a flexible spending option was a 16-year-old student from South Florida who knows first-hand the value of education choice. Marquavis[Read More…]

The light at the end of the tunnel was a Hope Scholarship

Editor’s note: To hear Tamara Arrington and her son, Parker, tell the story in their own words, watch the video at the end of this post. The other student was older and bigger. But Parker, a 35-pound “runt” of a first grader, as his mom described him, didn’t hesitate. When[Read More…]

Manhattan Institute releases report on Florida Hope Scholarship Program

Manhattan Institute senior fellow Max Eden recently authored a report on the legislative origins and history of the first education choice program for students who have experienced bullying in public schools. In the report, Eden wrote: “Education reformers have long lamented America’s persistent racial and socioeconomic achievement gap and framed[Read More…]

School choice scholarship for bullying victims may get boost with reporting changes

Florida education officials are considering changes that could lead to wider use of a school choice scholarship for bullying victims that has so far seen few takers despite tens of thousands of qualifying incidents each year. The proposed rule changes to the Hope Scholarship, the first of its kind in[Read More…]

Parents of bullying victims: Florida school districts failing to inform about school choice scholarships

Florida school districts are routinely failing to notify parents of bullying victims that their children are eligible for new school choice scholarships aimed at giving them safer options, say parents who responded to a survey about the new program. Districts are required by law to notify parents about Hope Scholarships[Read More…]

LGBTQ students need — and deserve — educational choice too

Sixteen-year-old Channing Smith of Tennessee killed himself after classmates circulated sexually explicit messages he exchanged with another boy. Fifteen-year-old Nigel Shelby of Alabama killed himself after peers bullied him over his sexual identity and school officials reportedly told him “being gay is a choice.” When 9-year-old James Myles of Colorado[Read More…]

Florida roundup: Jeb Bush, charter schools, Broad Prize hopes & more

Charter schools. Democratic lawmakers have filed several bills to reign in problems that arise when charter schools close, reports Gradebook. Miami-Dade County planners reject a charter school’s proposal to grow on the site of a former private school, reports the Miami Herald. Jeb Bush. Talks Florida-style ed reform in Texas. Dallas Morning News. Texas[Read More…]