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Competition drives improvement in public schools

Editor’s note: This commentary from Byron Schlomach, who served as director of the Center for Economic Prosperity at the Goldwater Institute, appeared Wednesday on the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs’ website. People love contests. We have spelling bees, chess tournaments, video game contests, and poker tournaments, just to name a[Read More…]

What to make of another negative result for school vouchers

Students in Ohio’s private school voucher program make less academic progress than their peers in public schools. But the program has a positive effect on public school performance, perhaps because it spurs competition. While the program is aimed at mostly disadvantaged students from struggling public schools, it tends to attract the better-off students[Read More…]

Gov. Mike Pence: Expanded school choice helps traditional public schools, too

Speaking to school choice die-hards Monday, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence took aim at a common criticism of expanded learning options and encouraged supporters to make teachers part of their case. “Let’s be very clear in this debate … iron sharpens iron,” Pence told several hundred people gathered at the fourth[Read More…]

Florida roundup: charter schools, tax credit scholarships and a question about parent trigger

Charter schools. Brooksville’s first charter school, one with a STEM focus, will open this fall, reports the Tampa Bay Times. Competition from charter schools is forcing the Palm Beach County school district to think harder about its needs and priorities, reports the Palm Beach Post. Charters are also sparking debate among Palm Beach[Read More…]

redefinED roundup: Texas looks at lifting charter caps, Indiana and Wisconsin bills to expand voucher access and more

Indiana: Republican lawmakers scale back a proposal to eliminate a requirement that students attend public schools for one year before becoming eligible for a private school voucher (Associated Press). They pass it mostly along party lines in the House (Associated Press). They’re advancing a proposal to switch administration of the voucher[Read More…]

More signs of Florida’s academic progress

For the second time this week, a credible, independent analysis shows Florida students leading the pack in progress. Between 1992 and 2011, Florida students made bigger gains than students in four other “mega states” in fourth- and eighth-grade reading and fourth-grade math, according to a report released Thursday by an[Read More…]

In Florida district, academic competitions splinter as school choice expands

For their project, Gussie Lorenzo-Luaces and three classmates at Deer Park Elementary in Tampa, Fla., wanted to find out what kind of paper allows a paper airplane to fly the farthest. After five trial runs, they determined copy paper, with its smooth surface and stable weight, worked best. The boys’[Read More…]

Arlene Ackerman, superintendent and school choice supporter, dies at 66

Sad news: Arlene Ackerman, a big-city superintendent who became a vocal supporter for expanded school choice, died over the weekend. Ackerman headed the school districts in Washington D.C., San Francisco and Philadelphia before retiring in 2011. In her wake, she left a stunning announcement in an op-ed for the Philadelphia[Read More…]