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Catholic schools can learn from charter schools – Sean Kennedy, podcastED

Charter schools took a page from Catholic schools when they arrived in the 1990s and began their expansion – character development, solid discipline, a no-excuses approach to success for low-income kids. But now it’s Catholic schools, struggling with declining enrollment (in part because of competition from charters), that should borrow good[Read More…]

Another Democrat for vouchers, school choice

Darren Soto, a Democratic state representative from the Orlando area, isn’t out to privatize public schools. He supports public schools at the same time he backs vouchers and tax credit scholarships for low-income kids. And he is among a growing number of Democrats who are doing so. In the clip above (which comes to us from[Read More…]

Latino voters want to hear about education, school choice – HCREO president Julio Fuentes, podcastED

If President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney want to win over Latino voters, a new survey of five battleground states suggests they do two things: Talk up education. And emphasize school choice. More than voters in general, Latino voters are more likely to say education is a leading issue, just behind the economy and[Read More…]

Lorena Castillo, Florida teacher who supports school choice – podcastED

Today at redefinED we’re going to smash another stereotype: not all public school teachers oppose expanded school choice. Lorena Castillo is chairwoman of CHISPA, the Coalition of Hispanic Instructors in Support of Parental Awareness. CHISPA falls under the umbrella of the Hispanic Council for Reform and Educational Options, and its[Read More…]