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The cost of choice

Forty-six years ago a plaintiff named John Serrano sued the State of California, asserting that the capacity of school districts to raise money was grossly unequal, hence unconstitutional. The quality of education in property-poor districts was said to be diminished by the resulting disparities in spending per pupil. Students had[Read More…]

Doug Tuthill on school choice, accountability, Common Core & more

In today’s chat, we talked with Doug Tuthill, president of Step Up For Students in Florida. Readers asked him about everything from Common Core and private schools, to whether the value of tax credit scholarships should be increased, to the right balance between school choice and government regs when it[Read More…]

Florida offers answers to North Carolina’s questions about school choice

Editor’s note: This op-ed was published on the Raleigh News & Observer website last night. The debate over a private learning option for poor schoolchildren in North Carolina has a familiar ring to it because Florida faced similar fears a dozen years ago. But a targeted and accountable scholarship can[Read More…]

Why school voucher opponents should reconsider

In a blog entry last week, “I’m rethinking my opposition to school vouchers. Convince me,” Nicole Stockdale, the assistant editorial page editor at the Dallas Morning News, said she is grappling with whether to support school vouchers. What stimulated Nicole’s dilemma is a bill in the Texas Legislature to allow[Read More…]

Wishing for more information to help parents make the best school choice

by Darla Romfo When Children’s Scholarship Fund received 1.25 million applications for the first 40,000 CSF scholarships in 1999, it became painfully obvious that many parents were unhappy with their assigned public school and were demanding better educational alternatives. That demand for better choices hasn’t changed; every day, we continue to hear[Read More…]