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Florida schools roundup: Dual enrollment, virtual school, grades & more

Dual enrollment: Florida school superintendents want to convince the Legislature to stop charging school districts tuition and other state college costs for dual-enrollment students. Tampa Bay Times. Virtual school: Florida Virtual School’s full-time high school was two points away from earning an A this year, netting a B the first time the[Read More…]

Florida schools roundup: School grades, charters, private schools & more

School grades: None of Broward County’s high schools received poor grades, and all but three received A’s or B’s. Sun Sentinel. Fewer Palm Beach County schools got A’s and B’s this year and more got D’s and F’s. Sun Sentinel. Miami-Dade schools received many A’s and no F’s. Miami Herald. For the first[Read More…]

Florida schools roundup: Charter schools, Jeb Bush, Common Core & more

Charter schools: “One size fits all doesn’t work for all children so now it’s about letting parents choose what’s best for their children,” Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi says about a new charter school for children with exceptional needs that her late father helped start. The Tampa Tribune. A new Pasco County charter[Read More…]

Florida schools roundup: Florida Virtual, McKay scholarships, charters & more

Charter schools: The Pasco County school board will consider charter applications, including one aimed for low-income elementary students at risk for dropping out. Tampa Bay Times. Private schools: A Tampa Islamic school simulates the hajj to teach children about the rite. Tampa Bay Times. The McKay Scholarship helps more than 27,000 children with disabilities attend private[Read More…]

FL state Sen. John Legg on Common Core, PARCC, school choice & more

One of Florida’s top education leaders offered a strong defense of Common Core Wednesday, saying while legitimate concerns exist “we cannot let political rhetoric and emotion impede us from implementing rigorous standards and high expectations for students.” The comments from state Sen. John Legg, R-Lutz, the influential chair of the[Read More…]