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District-run charter schools? Hmm…

When Florida Gov. Rick Scott unveiled his education agenda last week, he threw out a potentially far-reaching idea: Allowing districts to open their own charter schools. The proposal could address a common complaint among traditional school districts – that federal and state bureaucracies prevent their schools from being as innovative[Read More…]

Former teacher: Progressives need to better convince progressives about need for education reform

Editor’s note: The set-in-stone narrative about education reform is progressives vs. conservatives, Republicans vs. Democrats, teachers unions vs. the “corporate agenda.” The truth is more complex – and more colorful. One of the more dynamic angles is the degree to which progressives are divided. In this guest post, former teacher Catherine Durkin Robinson[Read More…]

redefinED roundup: Voucher plan advances in Alaska, Florida Virtual School gets more scrutiny and more

Alaska: Voucher bill gains ground in the legislature. (Alaska Dispatch) Florida: Florida Virtual School, a national model, comes under more scrutiny for its effectiveness. (Education Week.) Indiana: More competition from school choice means school districts must step up their marketing, a columnist argues. (Lafayette Journal & Courier) All-boys charter school coming to Indianapolis. (Indianapolis Star)