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Breaking bottlenecks in American K-12: Student transport

Editor’s note: This commentary from reimaginED executive editor Matt Ladner is the first in a series of posts that will examine how arcane rules and regulations are hindering forward progress for K-12 education – and what needs to be done to break through them. Recently, trucking executive Ryan Peterson had[Read More…]

Florida Transportation Scholarship program aims to remove barriers, aid education choice

Jenifer Hernandez is every bit the school choice mom, though her two daughters attend Jacksonville public schools. Her 7-year-old, Sienna Vira, goes to Seaside Charter Elementary, a school inspired by the Waldorf education tradition. Eleven-year-old Mariavictoria Vira attends LaVilla Middle School of the Arts, a Duval County Public Schools magnet,[Read More…]

Innovation, common sense needed to address school transportation challenges

Editor’s note: Emily Anne Gullickson, founder and CEO of A for Arizona, provided this commentary exclusively to reimaginED. You can hear reimaginED executive editor Matt Ladner conducting a podcast with Gullickson here. Across the country, there have been countless stories this school year about school bus driver shortages and the[Read More…]