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podcastED: reimaginED executive editor Matt Ladner and Step Up for Students president Doug Tuthill discuss modernizing public education transportation

On this episode, Ladner and Tuthill discuss Ladner’s recently published white paper for the Arizona Charter School Association on issues facing the traditional “yellow school bus” public education transportation system in Arizona and nationwide. Ladner observes that traditional ridership already was in decline, but the COVID-19 pandemic created a huge[Read More…]

Breaking bottlenecks in American K-12: Student transport

Editor’s note: This commentary from reimaginED executive editor Matt Ladner is the first in a series of posts that will examine how arcane rules and regulations are hindering forward progress for K-12 education – and what needs to be done to break through them. Recently, trucking executive Ryan Peterson had[Read More…]

Florida Transportation Scholarship program aims to remove barriers, aid education choice

Jenifer Hernandez is every bit the school choice mom, though her two daughters attend Jacksonville public schools. Her 7-year-old, Sienna Vira, goes to Seaside Charter Elementary, a school inspired by the Waldorf education tradition. Eleven-year-old Mariavictoria Vira attends LaVilla Middle School of the Arts, a Duval County Public Schools magnet,[Read More…]

Innovation, common sense needed to address school transportation challenges

Editor’s note: Emily Anne Gullickson, founder and CEO of A for Arizona, provided this commentary exclusively to reimaginED. You can hear reimaginED executive editor Matt Ladner conducting a podcast with Gullickson here. Across the country, there have been countless stories this school year about school bus driver shortages and the[Read More…]

podcastED: reimaginED executive editor discusses modernizing public education transportation with A for Arizona’s Emily Anne Gullickson

On this episode, Matthew Ladner speaks with the president of the Arizona-based education nonprofit about the group’s work to create an innovation fund to seed new options for families that need more choices for getting their children to school. Both Ladner and Gullickson, staunch supporters of education choice, acknowledge that[Read More…]

The 21st century ‘school bus’

Editor’s note: This post’s author, Emily Anne Gullickson, J.D., M.Ed., is president and founder of Great Leaders, Strong Schools and a former middle school teacher in Phoenix. In 1939, representatives from 48 states developed a set of school bus standards resulting in a massive standardization of school transit systems in[Read More…]