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Strong words, and a little cognitive dissonance

A judge in Colorado on Friday blocked the Douglas County school district’s voucher experiment, insisting that allowing the program to move forward will lead to “real, immediate, and irreparable injury” to the plaintiffs and others who asked for the injunction. Specifically, Judge Michael A. Martinez wrote in a 68-page ruling that[Read More…]

Indiana’s expansive voucher bill heads to governor’s desk

From the Evansville Courier & Press: INDIANAPOLIS — Two key planks of Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels’ education reform platform cleared their final legislative hurdles Wednesday and are now headed to the Republican governor’s desk. The Indiana House of Representatives approved measures Wednesday afternoon that would ease the process of opening[Read More…]

Report: Senate passage expected on Pennsylvania voucher plan

UPDATE: The Post-Gazette now says not so fast. From the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: HARRISBURG — School voucher legislation is poised to pass the state Senate as early as today, following a lengthy committee debate Monday over amendments from the bill’s opponents. The measure, which has drawn both fervent support and opposition,[Read More…]

Budget deal includes money for D.C. voucher

The last-minute spending deal among Congressional leaders adds money to the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship, the Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal are reporting. The revival of the scholarship is a top priority of House Speaker John Boehner, who has sponsored a measure that passed the House last month. That was just about the time the[Read More…]

Very little to be afraid of

Today’s Philadelphia Inquirer devotes considerable attention to the impact school vouchers have on public schools. At a time when opponents to publicly funded private learning options are lobbing rhetorical hand grenades in several states, particularly in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, Inquirer reporter Adrienne Lu offers this fair-minded assessment: While studies are relatively[Read More…]