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Study: Florida’s schools show signs of ‘resegregation’

By Lloyd Dunkelberger The News Service of Florida Although Florida is becoming a more racially diverse state, its public-school system is becoming more segregated, a new study from the LeRoy Collins Institute shows. “Student enrollment trends in Florida over the past decades show growing racial isolation for Hispanic and black students[Read More…]

Me and Mr. B

A history teacher on the school choice frontier

Thanks to school choice programs, teachers in Florida now have more power than ever to shape, create, and work in schools that mesh with their visions of quality education. Former history teacher Ken Brockington is one of a growing number of educators who see the power of school choice for parents and teachers alike.

The Sisters of St. Joseph

A century ago, three Catholic sisters in St. Augustine, Fla. were arrested for something the state Legislature had recently made a crime: Teaching black children at what, in the parlance of the time, was known as a “negro school.” The ensuing trial propelled a 266-year-old French Catholic order and America’s[Read More…]

Group taking aim at charter schools misses the mark

Do charter schools hurt the academic achievement of minority students that enroll? Do charters hurt the minority students who remain in public schools? How does closing traditional public schools and replacing them with charter schools impact these students? Those are valid questions. But relying on unsubstantiated claims and ignoring credible[Read More…]