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Florida schools roundup: Bonuses, whistleblowers, a fiery act and more

Whistleblowers intimidated? Two students who complained about having unqualified substitutes for geometry class all year are being harassed and intimidated by the school’s principal and the area superintendent, two teachers tell Palm Beach School Superintendent Robert Avossa. They say the principal, Cheryl McKeever, told the geometry students they don’t have[Read More…]

Legislators, educators talking school technology in Tampa

A top Florida lawmaker for education issues is convening a group of educators, elected officials and tech industry representatives in Tampa Thursday morning. One of the goals: Find ways to close the technology gap between schools and other institutions. Thanks to the proliferation of smart-phones and affordable tablets, students, like adults, are becoming accustomed to having[Read More…]

Florida lawmakers put career and technical education on front burner

Career and technical education is attracting a lot of attention from Florida lawmakers this year, and an effort to expand it in the upcoming session appears to have bipartisan support. CTE is the centerpiece of proposed legislation that builds on the state’s Career and Professional Education Act, which created industry-certification[Read More…]

Florida charter schools, private schools consider enhanced security, too

In the wake of the school shooting tragedy in Newtown, Conn., traditional public schools aren’t the only ones having serious discussions about how to beef up safety. In Florida, charter schools and private schools are also making sure they’re maximizing protection for students, parents and staff. But as district officials[Read More…]