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Students with intellectual, developmental differences continue to thrive at Jacksonville private school

Like most schools that were shuttered by the COVID-19 virus, North Florida School of Special Education in Jacksonville had to sprint to set up a distance learning program for students suddenly confined to their homes. For Sally Hazelip, the head of NFSSE, it was a longer race that taught her[Read More…]

In memory of Brandon Berman

Brandon sat quietly in his wheelchair but grew increasingly agitated as his lawyer, Clint Bolick, answered rapid-fire questions from an aggressive reporter. His mother, Donna Berman, stood behind him, worrying he might erupt into a fit, or worse, a seizure. Brandon’s service dog Cody even sensed the frustration and made a noise in defense of his best friend. “Can we get him out of[Read More…]

Education Next asks: should there be special needs enrollment quotas for charter schools?

Should charter schools be required to educate an identical proportion of special needs students as public schools? Should charters be required to follow the same rules governing special needs students as public schools? Last month the U.S. Department of Education Office for Civil Rights released a memo that said yes[Read More…]

Leaving public school to follow her faith

This is the second story in an occasional series that looks at teachers and school choice. Read our first story here. For years, Merili Wyatte was a special needs pre-kindergarten teacher at a perpetually A-rated traditional public school in Tampa, Fla. She loved the Title I school, her coworkers and her[Read More…]