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Florida schools roundup: Recess, early education, district rankings and more

Daily recess: Elementary school students in the Orange County School District will be given 20 minutes of recess daily. The school board approved the measure, although it also allows teachers some discretion in how recess is scheduled. Orlando Sentinel. Early education: Most of Florida’s children eligible for the Head Start program aren’t[Read More…]

Florida schools roundup: Amendments, longer days, early education and more

Amendments and education: State law requires a review and update of the constitution every 20 years. Republican lawmakers intend to use the opportunity to overturn the Supreme Court’s decision that the school voucher program was unconstitutional and repeal the Blaine Amendment, which forbids state funds from going to religious institutions. The review[Read More…]

Florida schools roundup: Retention, legal fees, school crowding and more

Retention rules: Manatee County school officials say they will not consider a student’s portfolio to justify a promotion to fourth grade if the student has not taken the Florida Standards Assessments test or a state-approved alternative. They say the state Department of Education supports their position. Bradenton Herald. Even while school districts are threatening[Read More…]