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Florida’s scholarship programs empower parents, students

Editor’s note: This commentary from Gina Lynch, chief operating officer and executive vice president for information technology at Step Up For Students, appeared today on heraldtribune.com. Bob Dylan wrote that you don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows. In Florida, the winds of change in public[Read More…]

Education reimaginED from a recent student’s perspective

It’s become increasingly clear that education choice is important. Research shows it improves academic outcomes. It increases a student’s chances of getting into college. It also plays a key role in addressing an increasingly distressing and problematic truth, one that isn’t talked about enough: Most kids don’t understand why they[Read More…]

redefinED turns a page

For more than a decade, redefinED has been a source of news and commentary on education choice, examining and reporting on how expanded education options are transforming K-12 education in Florida and beyond. Today, redefinED becomes reimaginED. With that change comes a renewed focus on exploring education choice, as well[Read More…]

Education choice: past, present, future

In the cover story for its latest issue, Florida Trend, the state’s leading business publication, shines a light on Alberto Carvalho, the innovative superintendent of the Miami-Dade school district. With nearly three-quarters of the students in that district exercising options beyond their zoned neighborhood schools, Miami-Dade is portrayed as head[Read More…]