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Florida Gov. Rick Scott: ‘We don’t want a war on teachers; we want a war on failure’

Florida Gov. Rick Scott delivered the State of the State Address to the Legislature on the opening day of its session Tuesday, stressing jobs and education. Here are his remarks on education, as prepared for delivery: Our work to cut spending and live within our means over the last two years has[Read More…]

Florida roundup: Carl Hiaasen, an “indefensible” campaign ad and more

Carl Hiaasen on Amendment 8. He doesn’t like it, says it’s about vouchers. It’s hard to take exception with the legend who created Skink, but for what it’s worth, here again is our take. A campaign ad that “sounds indefensible.” From the Orlando Sentinel: “A group supporting Republican state Rep. Scott[Read More…]

Michelle Rhee at the RNC: Education reform “has to be a bipartisan movement”

Michelle Rhee calls herself a “very, very, lefty liberal.” So what is she doing at the RNC in Tampa? Building bridges. “Despite the fact that I hold Democratic views on a lot of things, what I have found in my work on education advocacy and policy is that I often[Read More…]

California goes to court for education reform

At every crossroads toward the future, it’s been said, tradition will post 10,000 people to guard the past. For frustrated Californians that see the need for significant change in the education system, a major number of those guardians are found in California’s Democratic-controlled legislature and the California Teachers Association (CTA),[Read More…]