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Shifting politics of school choice

Two events of national import on the school choice front in Florida deserve more celebration. Both of them – the 10,000-strong school choice rally with Martin Luther King III, and the signing of the bill expanding Florida’s education savings account program – suggest the choice debate continues to move to[Read More…]

The teacher union’s amusing hypocrisy about Big $ in politics

Editor’s note: This post was originally published as an op-ed in today’s Orlando Sentinel. The state’s tax credit scholarship program is administered by Step Up For Students, which co-hosts this blog. The politics of school choice are particularly unforgiving these days, but one of the messages being sold in this[Read More…]

Randi Weingarten’s not a fan of parent trigger movie (showing today at the RNC)

Randi Weingarten must be watching the RNC goings-on pretty closely too. Minutes ago, the president of the American Federation of Teachers sent out a lengthy press release criticizing “Won’t Back Down,” the new movie about a mother and a teacher who use a parent trigger type law to turn around a struggling, inner-city school. I mention[Read More…]