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Biden administration ‘had a plan’ for school re-opening; let’s review

On Sept. 1, U.S. Education Secretary Miguel Cardona claimed that the Biden administration had a plan to “focus on safely getting back to in-person learning” last year. On the same day, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters that school re-openings were “the work of Democrats in spite of[Read More…]

National teacher union leader wants to have a different conversation. Me too.

Editor’s note: This commentary from Step Up For Students president Doug Tuthill explores why education choice advocates are working hard to improve public education. The education news site, The 74, published an article recently on how the pandemic is impacting the education choice movement. The article quoted American Federation of[Read More…]

A Labor Day meditation on American education unions

It’s only a matter of time before anyone following the parental empowerment in education choice debate will come across the wild-eyed assertion that choice supporters are engaged in a conspiracy against education unions. That assertion doesn’t hold much water. First off, a great many European countries have both parental choice[Read More…]

Commentary: 2021 is the year of school choice, education freedom

American Federation for Children director of research Corey DeAngelis in a Friday interview with Fox Business extended a “formal thank you” to the American Federation of Teachers for being the driving force in the upswing of parents who are investigating school choice options. Union posturing, DeAngelis hypothesizes, can be credited[Read More…]

Randi Weingarten, welcome to the education choice movement

The rainbow coalition that is the education choice movement would like to welcome its newest member: Randi Weingarten! Yes, that Randi Weingarten. President of the American Federation for Teachers. In a fresh interview with The New York Times, Weingarten sounded like Betsy DeVos. She noted she has friends and family[Read More…]

Teachers unions are keeping kids out of the classroom; school choice can ensure they learn anyway

Editor’s note: This commentary from Jude Schwallbach, research associate and project coordinator at The Heritage Foundation, originally appeared in The Daily Signal. National School Choice Week has taken on renewed importance this year, as too many families are approaching the one-year mark of crisis online learning provided by their public[Read More…]

The only thing we have to fear is … complacency

With benefit of hindsight, it’s now clear that the decision to close schools in the spring of 2020 was unwise, especially in the elementary grades. We now know that young children are more likely to die from the flu than from COVID-19. At this point, not only have schools around[Read More…]

Appeals court sides with state in school reopening fight

News Service Florida TALLAHASSEE – Saying that “nothing in the emergency order requires any teacher or any student to return to the classroom,” a state appeals court Friday overturned a ruling that said Education Commissioner Richard Corcoran violated the Florida Constitution when he issued a July order aimed at reopening[Read More…]