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Mr. Gibbons’ Report Card: All About the Volunteers

Tennessee Education Report Andy Spears of the Tennessee Education Report says sponsors of Tennessee’s new education savings account program for children with special needs don’t know much about the bill they just passed. But it may be Spears who doesn’t understand the bill, as he spends more time speculating on parental rights[Read More…]

Mr. Gibbons' Report Card

Mr. Gibbons’ Report Card: ‘We didn’t have no choice’

Thelma Harper Sen. Thelma Harper (D-Nashville) argued against the proposed Opportunity Scholarship program this week in the Senate Ways and Finance committee. Her testimony included this gem (at about the 1:01:05 mark): “Hell, you didn’t have no choice when I came along. You went to public schools and you just went to public[Read More…]

Mr. Gibbons’ Report Card: Is it 1952 in St. Louis?

Rex Sinquefield and the Children’s Education Alliance Progressives in Missouri criticized Rex Sinquefield for conspiracy theories about public schools, spending millions on campaigns supporting private school choice and for donations to ALEC, but they remain oddly silent about the way he, and the organizations he backs, are spending money right[Read More…]

redefinED roundup: de Blasio to the rescue? Vouchers increase property values and more news

Alabama: Judge Gene Reese issues a stay on his own injunction against the Alabama Accountability Act school choice program (AL.com, Montgomery Advertiser, redefinED, American Federation for Children). The decision to lift the injunction takes uncertainty away from low-income families (AL.com). Jeff Reed, public relations director for the Friedman Foundation, says[Read More…]

redefinED roundup: school choice 60 years after Brown v. Board and more news

Arizona: Amy Silverman, a journalist at the Phoenix New Times, says charter schools lead to segregation for special needs students (note: the state has two private school scholarship programs for special needs students). California: All candidates seeking to fill a vacant school board seat in Los Angeles agree on the[Read More…]

redefinED roundup: ESAs in AZ, scholarships in KS, charter schools find homes in NYC and more news

Arizona: A bill to allow children of military service members killed in action to become eligible for Empowerment Scholarship Accounts passes into law (Watchdog). Gov. Jan Brewer vetoes a bill to allow owners of S-Corps to receive individual tax credits for donations to scholarship funding organizations, but signs two bills[Read More…]

redefinED roundup: ESA expansion halted in AZ, court hears tax credit scholarship case in NH and more

Alabama: The Alabama Education Association, which opposes a new tax-credit scholarship program, says former Gov. Bob Riley has personally banked up to $1 million from it (he has made $0) (AL.com). The AEA is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to back Republican and Democrat candidates to run against lawmakers[Read More…]

redefinED roundup: vouchers in TN, ESAs and scholarships in FL, tax credit critics in KS & more

Alabama: Rep. Craig Ford, D-Gadsden, says the Alabama Accountability Act, which allows students in failing districts to transfer to private schools, is a failed experiment (Anniston Star). A lower court dismisses a suit filed by students to stop the state’s school choice program (Associated Press). Alaska: A private school tax[Read More…]