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Texas Republicans are trying to sell school choice measures, but rural conservatives aren’t buying

Editor’s note: This article appeared last week on texastribuneorg. As a Texas school superintendent, Adrain Johnson is no stranger to the struggles small, rural public schools face, from trying to recruit teachers, especially after more than two years of navigating school during a global pandemic, to a general lack of[Read More…]

Texas, are you really going to let Florida beat you so badly on this key education reform?

Editor’s note: This commentary from former U.S. secretary of education Betsy Devos appeared Friday on the Fort Worth Star Telegram. For decades, Texas and Florida have competed over which state will lead the nation in measures such as individual liberty, economic freedom, new jobs created and the number of people[Read More…]

The time has come for Texas to join other states in expanding school choice

Texas, being a passionate, liberty-minded state, should be a national leader in school choice efforts. Indeed, Gov. Greg Abbott, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, and the Republican Party of Texas all have called for an expansion of private school choice in recent years. Additionally, four Texas Democrats were listed as “School[Read More…]

One school leader’s thoughts on the key ingredient to improving education

An empathetic and impassioned education leader from San Antonio, Texas, recently had this to say about the importance not only of giving families the power to choose which school to attend, but also how they attend that school: “We believe that the best education happens on campus with students fully[Read More…]

Open enrollment, Colorado and Texas style

While public school systems nationwide have had difficulties dealing with COVID-19, specifically around reopening classes to in-person activities, it’s clear the pandemic has opened many avenues for innovation. One example has come out of Colorado, where school administrators have opened public school enrollment to great success. A recent Chalkbeat report[Read More…]

Texas Senate approves bill to expand micro grants for special needs students

Texas legislators have passed a bill that will extend a program that provides $1,500 grants for purchase of services for additional educational support to families of children with special needs. SB 1716, approved on a bipartisan vote of 21-9, will expand the Supplemental Special Education Services program, created during the[Read More…]

redefinED roundup: charters win in WA, voucher suit begins in NC, FL district denies military base charter & more

Alabama: Applications for the state’s new tax credit scholarship program are now open (Alabama Opportunity Scholarship Fund, WTVY) Arizona: Three charter schools will be shut down for poor performance (Arizona Business Journal). California: The L.A. metro area has the largest number of students attending charter schools in the nation (LA School Report).[Read More…]

redefinED roundup: Voucher ruling in Colorado, tax credit scholarships in Alabama, course choice in Florida & more

Washington: The new Charter School Commission is attracting candidates from across the state and beyond, including Liz Finne, a lawyer and director of the Center for Education Reform at the Washington Policy Center. The governor and other leaders expect to choose nine volunteers by March 6 (Associated Press). A coalition of[Read More…]