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The week in school choice: Of the people

A narrative continues to grow that an unprecedented focus on private school options somehow threatens the institution of American public education. The word derives from the Latin word publicus, meaning “of the people.” This concept — that the government belongs to the people and the government should provide for the[Read More…]

The week in school choice: Current events

Ahead of this week’s expected confirmation vote on Betsy DeVos, more facts are beginning to puncture the myths spawned by problematic media coverage — on her extensive Florida ties and political involvement, on misinformation and bad math that cloud the real state of Detroit’s charter schools, on her nuanced record on LGBT[Read More…]

The week in school choice: New opportunities

It’s National School Choice Week, and everyone’s celebrating — including 1.6 million Floridians. Yet the politics of school choice are getting weird. A Senate confirmation hearing for Betsy DeVos spawned countless memes, talk of fake gaffes and questions about her grasp of education policy details. Democrats like Al Franken and Maggie Hassan backed charters[Read More…]