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Florida schools roundup: PARCC, Common Core, class size & more

Ed summit: Education leaders from across the state convene for a three-day conference that could shape the future of teaching, testing and a school-grading system. Palm Beach Post. More from the Orlando Sentinel, Associated Press, Tampa Bay Times. Long before the summit, former Education Commissioner Tony Bennett had made it clear he might recommend Florida[Read More…]

Florida education summit aims for listening, common ground

Even for Florida, a state that has put education policy on overdrive for 15 years, Monday’s summit was remarkable: Three dozen education leaders, business leaders and lawmakers, all but locked in a room to hash it out over the state’s contentious approach to standards, testing and accountability. Gov. Rick Scott[Read More…]

School grade padding in Florida helped district schools more than charters

Florida charter schools didn’t benefit as much as district schools from the school grades “safety net” that state education officials continued this summer. According to Florida Department of Education data, 14.2 percent of the charter schools that have been graded so far would have dropped more than one letter grade[Read More…]

Florida schools roundup: Virtual school, ACT scores, Tony Bennett & more

District app: The Broward County school district redesigns its website to make it more parent-friendly, adding a mobile app and translating into more than 40 languages. Sun Sentinel. Virtual school: The Palm Beach County School Board plans to urge state lawmakers to repeal a new funding approach that slashed dollars for the[Read More…]

Florida schools roundup: Back pay, literacy coaches, first days & more

Libraries: Five Miami-Dade County technical school libraries will open to the public starting the first day of school to offset expected budget cuts. Miami Herald. Back pay: An arbitrator tells the Broward school district it owes high school teachers hours of back pay for teaching an additional class period last school year. Sun Sentinel. Higher ed: Florida’s[Read More…]

Florida schools roundup: Religion, Randi Weingarten, Common Core & more

Lawsuit: The Palm Beach County School Board faces a lawsuit from two students and their rabbi/attorney/father that charges the district fails to teach evolution and truths about religions. Sun Sentinel. Protest: Parents protest the Lake County school district’s planned busing cuts that will force some elementary and middle-school students to walk to school when classes start[Read More…]

Florida schools roundup: Tutors, single-gendered schools, Jeb Bush & more

Tutoring: A Tampa Bay Times investigation finds that one in four public educators made money from a taxpayer-funded program by tutoring children from their own schools. Education crisis: Nothing less than a community-wide commitment and expectation of excellence can turn the tide for children in St.Petersburg, writes the Tampa Bay Times editorial board. Single-gendered: Hillsborough[Read More…]