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A charter conversion with parents and teachers speaking in one loud voice

In a state that has found itself politically deadlocked over whether parents should be given the power to change who runs a public school, a Bradenton elementary magnet school pulled its own type of trigger this week. The vote to convert to a charter school was made under existing Florida law,[Read More…]

Viola Davis stands up for school choice

Actress Viola Davis is great as a teacher/parent in “Won’t Back Down,” the potent movie about parental empowerment that’s hitting theaters Friday. But as a spokeswoman for school choice, she’s even better in real life. Here’s what she said the other night on “The Tonight Show,” to huge applause, after[Read More…]

redefinED roundup: Charter schools and the Chicago strike, Khan Academy and school choice in Florida & more

Chicago: Expansion of charter schools, which tend to employ non-unionized teachers, is a big undercurrent in the teachers union strike (New York Times). Media coverage of the strike puts charter schools in a positive light (redefinED). (Image from aei-ideas.org) Florida: Khan Academy and Step Up For Students are partnering to bring cutting-edge technology to[Read More…]

Democratic tensions over school choice, parent trigger in Charlotte

Like the Democratic Party platform on education, this is no surprise: Democratic tension over school choice and parental empowerment is on display at in Charlotte. But some of the developments and statements are still worth logging in. StudentsFirst co-sponsored a special screening of the new movie “Won’t Back Down” at the[Read More…]

DNC 2012: Pro-school-choice Democrats have the momentum

After going 56 years without attending a national political convention, I’m headed to Charlotte for my second convention in a week. For school choice advocates, the Democratic National Convention will be a somewhat hostile environment, unlike last week’s Republican National Convention in Tampa, where all forms of school choice were[Read More…]

Jeb Bush, Michelle Rhee, Kumbaya

Liberal Democrat Michelle Rhee and conservative Republican Jeb Bush shared a stage at the RNC in Tampa today and suggested that despite the hyper partisanship on so many issues, there is increasingly common ground when it comes to education reform. “This is a chance for a Switzerland,” said Bush, the[Read More…]

Randi Weingarten’s not a fan of parent trigger movie (showing today at the RNC)

Randi Weingarten must be watching the RNC goings-on pretty closely too. Minutes ago, the president of the American Federation of Teachers sent out a lengthy press release criticizing “Won’t Back Down,” the new movie about a mother and a teacher who use a parent trigger type law to turn around a struggling, inner-city school. I mention[Read More…]