Universal school choice

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Florida fully funds education choice scholarships and protects district budgets

Duval County Public Schools recently claimed Florida’s newly expanded scholarship program will leave a $17 million hole in their budget. “In a year like this year where they only partially fund the vouchers then that money has to be made up and its made up from our budget,” a representative[Read More…]

Florida’s first steps beyond the yellow bus

  Each weekday morning feels like a new nightmare.  The Echo Dot alarm goes off at 4:55 a.m. so my husband can make sure our son wakes up in time to make it on time to high school.   Morning bell: 7:06 a.m.   We flip on the overhead bedroom light and[Read More…]

Early lessons, questions to ask on implementing universal school choice

Editor’s note: This commentary from Patricia Levesque, chief executive officer for ExcelinEd, appeared recently on the ExcelinEd website. In the span of just a few years, more than a dozen states have gone from nibbling at the edges of school choice to a full-throated embrace of universal education scholarship accounts[Read More…]