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Virtual charter school board member mom to Florida lawmakers: ‘Empower parents for greater customization’

Melissa Ley left her job as a teacher at a public school to let her daughters learn at home after determining the public schools they attended were not the best fit for them. At the time, Ley’s family didn’t qualify for an education choice scholarship, so she enrolled the girls[Read More…]

podcastED: Veteran Florida Virtual School teacher looks at the past, present and future of virtual education

On this episode, reimaginED senior writer Lisa Buie talks with Mary Mitchell, an award-winning educator at Florida Virtual School. Mitchell, who started teaching in 1998, was among the first to join the faculty at the state’s premier online public school and wrote one of its earliest biology courses. PEDMaryMitchellPodcast.mp3 –[Read More…]

Florida proposes ‘transformational’ legislation that would extend education savings accounts to all K-12 students

A bill that Florida leaders are calling “transformational” would greatly expand the state’s 21-year-old education choice scholarship program by opening eligibility to all K-12 students in the Sunshine State and empowering parents to customize their children’s learning. “Florida is about expanding freedom and opportunity,” said House Speaker Paul Renner, R[Read More…]

Virtual school enrollment climbed as COVID receded, new data reveal

Editor’s note: This article appeared Monday on Kristy Maxwell realized something had to change the day she picked her son Levi up from school and found out his teacher had left the autistic kindergartener alone crying and throwing pencils from under his desk. The Michigan mom switched her son[Read More…]

A parent’s story: New Mexico virtual charter school offers academic rigor, flexibility

Editor’s note: This first-person essay from New Mexico mother Ashley Guerra was adapted from the American Federation for Children’s Voices for Choice website. You can learn more about Guerra’s family and her education choice journey by listening to a reimaginED podcast at Education has always been a priority in[Read More…]

podcastED: Florida’s Digital Educator of the Year shares secrets to success

On this episode, ReimaginED Senior Writer Lisa Buie talks with Jessica Strong, a sixth-grade English language arts teacher at Florida Virtual School, who recently received the Ron Nieto Digital Educator of the Year Award for 2022. Named in memory of Nieto, who served as Florida’s first deputy commissioner of innovation,[Read More…]

Enrollment, potential benefits from expanded education savings accounts rise at Miami Virtual Catholic School

As Catholic schools across the nation experienced the first enrollment increase in two decades as part of a pandemic rebound in 2022, enrollment figures for the Archdiocese of Miami Virtual Catholic School grew, too. Figures from the school show that full-time and part-time enrollment combined climbed from 1,187 in 2019-20[Read More…]

West Virginia charter schools finding solid ground

Weeks into the start of a new school year that saw the launch of the first approved public charter schools in West Virginia, a report on the schools’ progress returned good news. As of Friday, Eastern Panhandle Preparatory Academy had enrolled 330 students; West Virginia Academy had enrolled 470 students.[Read More…]